Client: Orts- und Infrastrukturentwicklungs KEG, Velden am Wörthersee
Location: Köstenberger Bundesstraße 5, A-9220 Velden am Wörthersee
Competition: 09/2002, 1st Prize
Start of planning: 2003
Start of construction: 04/2004
Completion: 07/2006
Usable area: 1.757 m²
Total area: 2.042 m²
Built-in area: 9.053 m³
Cost: 1,9 Mio Euro

The emergency service centre located in front of the multi-purpose hall consists of two building sections set at right angles to each other and joined together via an entrance and access zone. The aim was to bring together various areas of achtivity under one roof, namely the fire brigade, ambulance service and home care providers, whilst ensuring their specific usage requirements were met. Even though the multi-purpose hall speaks a stronger language, the combination of material usage and sophisticated interaction of the building bodies delivers an overall urban development success appropriate for its functions. Photos: Paul Ott, Graz