Client: Interspar GesmbH, Salzburg
Location: Jörgerstrasse 24, 1170 Wien
Gross floor space incl. garage: 30,000m²
Sales area ground floor: 4,880m²
Self-service restaurant: 97 seats
Customer car parking spaces: underground car park with 429 parking spaces on 2 levels
Start of planning: 12/2012
Start of construction: 05/2013
Completion: 04/2014

The shopping centre in Vienna, Hernals, which was last refurbished in 1999, was given a relaunch. The Interspar market which covers an area of 3,600m², the elongated mall and the two levels of the underground car park were given a general refurbishment and equipped with new surfaces. In addition to the restaurant in the mall, the customer WC facilities were also renovated and the side entrance from Syringgasse designed in a more transparent and inviting way.
Although the existing façades were fundamentally preserved, they were redesigned based on a new concept. On the main façade on Jörgerstrasse, a red metal frame was applied all around the glass façade in order to define the area of the Interspar façade more sharply from the façade of the residential section above it. In an analogous way to the external frame, a smaller red metal frame is used to accentuate the entrance and as a porch for the entrance area.
The façade on the narrow Syringgasse was enhanced: Garage entrance and pedestrian entrance are connected by a uniform red area that gives a refreshing touch to the existing elongated and otherwise very unobtrusive façade.
In close consultation with the district administration, the forecourt on Jörgerstrasse and the public area on Syringgasse were also designed in a more attractive way: a uniform paving, new bicycle parking spaces, seating areas and plant tubs create a new urban space and set a positive emphasis in the district.

Photo: AC; Christof Lackner