Client: Spar Österreichische WarenhandelsAG, Salzburg
DHP Immobilien Leasing GmbH
Location: Aspersdorferstraße 11, A-2020 Hollabrunn
Start of construction Phase I: 11/2007
Completion Phase I: 12/2008
Start of construction Phase II: 01/2009
Completion Phase II: 19.6.2009
Total area: 13.083 m²
Built-in area: 78.784 m³
Costs: 15,346 Mio Euro

The building's architecture is modern and dynamic, the large glass areas provide well-lit rooms, and on the 4,300-square-meter sales area customers can find over 50,000 products. The new Interspar restaurant and underground car park with its 150 free parking spaces contribute much to making this a comfortable shopping experience. The extension presented a real challenge, since the market operation had to keep running without interfering with the shoppers.
Shopping center with Intertspar market, individual shops, catering and service companies.
The basement contains an open park deck and the technical facilities. On the upper floor, rooms for the building’s technical installations such as heating and cooling will be constructed, or parts of the building's technical facilities will be set up in the open in a recess in the roof.
The complex was erected during 2 construction stages.
During the 1st construction stage the Interspar selling area, the warehouse and part of the mall was erected with an interim completion. During this phase Eurospar which was located on this property continued its operation.
During the second phase Eurospar was demolished and the extensions of the mall together with the restaurant and shops were erected.
The consumer market can be reached by customers from the above-ground parking area via two main entrances on the south side. The mall can also be reached via 2 lifts or a staircase from the park deck. The park deck is generously dimensioned and the wide parking spaces make it comfortable to use. A small mall, along which two single are shops and a restaurant are arranged, runs between the two main entrances. The mall has a glass roof and glass facade. The access for Interspar personnel is located on the northern side via the emergency staircase. Located on the ground floor next to the warehouse are the necessary staff rooms such as wardrobe, WCs and wash rooms, as well as common rooms. Also the room for the company doctor and the ancillary rooms are located here.
Restaurant on the ground floor:
The restaurant, which operates as self-service restaurant, is accessed via the “free-flow”. From here the customer can select his food from the individual stations. Following on from the free-flow are the kitchen area with main kitchen and the usual ancillary rooms, such as cold storage rooms.
Individual shops:
The individual shops are designed partly as open and partly as closed portals toward the mall. Each portal has its own individual design. The storage rooms are located at the rear of the shops. The lighting for the individual shops comes via the glass-covered roof of the mall.