Client: Arwag Bauträger GmbH, Wien
Location: Trillergasse 2c, 1210 Wien
Start of planning: 2011
Start of construction: 10/2012
Completion: 04/2014
Total area: 19.400 m²
Built-in area: 49.370 m3

The residential Trillergasse 2c is a new building in low energy construction. The development consists of two parallel bars, enclosing a spacious space. In the north of the six-storey building of the existing residential development north is limited, south to the driveway Donauuferautobahn the building is shielded by a 18.5 m high, transparent printed with stylized trees soundproof wall.
The buildings are accessible from the north via a central, naturally illuminated and ventilated atrium. About a freestanding lift and the subsequent arcades, it is possible to arrive at the total 123 east or west-facing apartments.
Bridges to individual apartments offer residents a more private entrance situation and allow a differentiation for encouraging communication, open atrium.
It is offered room apartments and maisonettes partly a balanced mix of different housing types such as 2-4 rooms. Each apartment has its own private outdoor area.
The balconies and loggias are spatially connected via the projectiles away by massive meander into groups. These bring by their contrasting colors and the divergent division vitality into the facade design.
About lateral approaches the long-stretched housing bolts are connected to the appealing and varied landscaped open space.
Play areas and jointly to use open spaces with outdoor seating, quality of stay and are visually distinguished by selected planting to private tenants' gardens of the ground floor apartments.
All ancillary areas such as storage rooms, stroller and bike room, equipment rooms, common room and play room, laundry and trash rooms are located at ground level and thus easily accessible.

Photo: Wolfgang Thaler, Vienna