Client: Kärntner Siedlungswerk, Klagenfurt
Location: Kudlichgasse/Krumplgasse, A-9020 Klagenfurt
Start of planning: 1992
Start of construction BS1 / BS2: 1995 / 1996
Completion BS1 / BS2: 1997 / 1998
Usable area BS1 / BS2: 8.900 m² / 4.200 m²
Built-in area BS1 / BS2: 49.100 m³ / 25.700 m³
Cost BS1 / BS2: 9,7 Mio Euro/4,8 Mio Euro

The eastern side of the four-storey buildings (Kudlichgasse) and the northern side (Krumplgasse) face the adjoining developments with a reduction to 3 storeys. The basic geometrical alignment is North-South and East-West. From the northern side the floors are accessed via stairs and covered walkways. Between the buildings or at the end of the bent beam is an open staircase. Two children’s playgrounds were erected on the enclosed spaces. The walkways are laid out so that the forecourts are assigned to the residential units as being fully private. Parking spaces are available on this level above the underground car park. The entire complex is free of vehicle traffic and can only be accessed on foot or by bicycle.

Photos: Paul Ott, Graz