Client: EPS Rennweg Hotelerrichtungs- und VerwertungsGmbH
1100 Wien, Absverggasse 47
Location: 1030 Wien, Rennweg 99
Rooms in the hotel: 155 rooms and suites, 309 beds
Car parking: 53 PKW, 4 bus
Restaurant: 119 Sitzplätze
Start of construction: 10/2010
Completion: 06/2012
Building Costs excl. VAT.: 11,550.000 Euro

With the opening of the Doppio Hotel and its adjoining office building at the end of June 2012, the urban development of the T-Center St. Marx area reaches its architectural conclusion after an eight-year construction period.

Facade material, window ribbons, roof pitches, height development and building axes of the Doppio Hotel and Offices correlate with the T-Center St. Marx, complement the sculpture of the original building structure and create a uniform character for the entire area. With the design of the T-Center St. Marx, ArchitekturConsult also worked out a general design and structural plan for the adjacent property. Aside from giving the entire development a monolithic sculptural character, also the stylistic transitions and the predefined multifunctional structure were important for ArchitekturConsult. In this way the hotel and office building adds further keynote elements and interconnections to the living mix.

The hotel is joined directly to the T-Center; however, it is located further from the street to guarantee the “top point” of the neighbouring building an unobstructed view. Toward the street the disc is offset from the fourth storey on, with a further offset starting from the seventh storey. Here a flat rising roof parapet is formed, which meets the office building at its highest point. The entire roof is additionally covered with a lamellar lightweight steel construction – this adapts form and material to the entire complex and creates the monolithic character.

The 155 rooms of the four-star hotel run in an easterly and westerly direction from a central corridor. The main entrance is accessed via the forecourt and Rinnböckgasse. From there the entrance area is accessed directly. The spacious lobby is dominated by a long counter, which serves both as reception and bar. The restaurant and the conference rooms are connected directly. A green area in front of the restaurant provides space and distance between it and the roadside environment. The access and the emergency staircase are also located on the sides and serve as a buffer zone.

Photografer: Franz Ebner, Wien