Client: A. Porr AG, Unterpremstätten
Location: Seering 10 , A-8141 Unterpremstätten
Start of planning: 01/1998
Start of construction: 04/1999
Completion: 04/2000
Usable area: 7.500 m²
Built-in area: 30.000 m³
Cost: 8,14 Mio Euro

The construction is an experiment for developing the concept of an American brand-name hotel as a prototype for the European region. To meet the wishes of the hotel operator a distinctive facade consistent with the hotel brand and made from regional building materials was designed. Unterpremstätten up until a few years ago was home to a large brick works, and so the arch-like facade was clad with square clay tiles. The horizontal bands are reinforced with projecting sun protection louvers in the area of the lintels and balustrades. The house in the context of a business park and as distinctive building is to function as a symbol on the nearby autobahn. In the uninteresting topographical environment of the “Graz Field”, dominated by the wide-ranging ballast quarries and covered with indifferent commercial structures, it is to serve as a distinctive and unforgettable feature. The arch-like ground plan and the addition of a central staircase makes efficient floors possible. The ground floor accommodates the common facilities of administration, fitness, restaurant, kitchen and the conference rooms partially under the adjacent business centre block. The actual ground plans with their short distances make hotel operation possible with a minimum of personnel in spite of the size and the quality of the hotel. The modular construction of the storeys with their rooms and the ground plan layout results in a very effective relationship between the usable areas and the gross floor area. The open construction of ground floor also facilitates later alterations; the restaurant has already been enlarged during the course of operation. vorbeiführenden Autobahn Zeichenfunktion erfüllen.

Photos: Paul Ott, Graz