Client: SMC Graz GmbH, Schönaugasse 64, 8010 Graz
Location: Gadollaplatz 1, A-8010 Graz Graz
Start of planning: 2011
Start of construction: 03/2013
Completion: 12/2014
Total area incl. parking garage: 32.720m²
Usable area: 28.420m²
Usable area Newsroom: 3.200m²
Usable area standard floor: 1.170m²
Work stations: 1200
Building height of tower: 60 m
Floors above ground: 15
Car parking spaces: 226
Total volume of investment: ca. 60 Mio Euro

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The property is on Conrad von Hötzendorfstrasse across from the City Hall. It is well connected to public as well as private transportation. The city center can be reached in about 15 minutes by foot.

The corporate head office of Styria is a multi-functional building and has space for about 1,200 offices on approximately 32,000m² gross floor area. The building has 15 above-ground floors and reaches a height of about 60m. It is made up of a base and a tower. The base comprises the public functions, restaurant, a kindergarten, retail, the newsroom with the television and radio studios of the Antenne Steiermark and the parking garage. The office floors of Styria and external users are found in the tower, as well as the Skylobby. Between the base and the tower, on the 2nd floor, a "joint" is formed to separate the 2 parts of the building. The central conference rooms are located here. A terrace on the landscaped roof enhances this functional area.

The building is set back from the street creating a generous public space up to the City Hall. Green elements in the park border on the edge of the forecourt and that way link the park to the paved area. In the north, it connects to a publicly used park. This open area is made up of a semi-public and a private area. By being set back from the street and because of the shape that opens to the park, there are outside areas that have different, public characters. The foyer is accessible from the square and courtyard, connecting the outside with the inside. Colorful "sprays of color" in the form of plants and furniture dot the entire outside area and the roof gardens.

The effect of the base is monolithic. The tower rises from it where the specific choice of materials and stark outline of the facade create a considerable contrast to the monolithic base. The shape of the tower gives the building a different appearance from any angle. The impression changes from a narrow tower to a disc. The design of the facade with differently colored "pilaster strips" creates dynamic views. Also the distribution of the floors of the building becomes relative and accentuates the structure of the building itself.

Sustainability: The project has been LEED PLATIN certified. The power is generated partly by a photovoltaic system for vehicle and bicycle power charging stations. Cooling/heating with groundwater use and additional district heating.

© Photografer: Franz Ebner, Vienna