SOS Kinderdorf Office extension Vienna

Client: DHP Immobilienleasing Ges.m.b.H., Salzburg
Location: Niederhofstraße 21-23, A-1120 Wien
Start of planning: 06/2015
Start of construction: 03/2016
Completion: 09/2016
Usable area office: 790 m²
Usable area general: 130 m²
Costs: 1.056.000 Euro

The office space of the SOS Kinderdorf is located on the first floor in the inner courtyard building. During this reconstruction, the facade was renovated. On the existing clinker façade an WDVS is applied, new windows have been installed. In addition to the usual office space (individual offices, large offices, meeting rooms, etc.), sanitary and living areas, an open space is created in the form of an inner atrium. For this, a part of the existing roof was broken, and static measures to reinforce the remaining ceiling were taken. House technology and lighting were completely replaced in this process. In addition to the actual office, the development areas in the basement (access from the underground garage), the ground floor and the first floor were also adapted. In addition, an elevator was installed.
Fotograf: Wolfgang Thaler, Wien