Client: DHP Immobilienleasing Ges.m.B.H, Salzburg
Location: Niederhofstraße 21-23, A-1120 Wien
Start of planning: 12/2011
Start of construction: 04/2013
Completion: 11/2013
Total area: 11.075 m²
Usable area: 31.875 m²
Construction costs: 4.620.000 €

The office and commercial building in Niederhofstraße was built at the end of the 1960s. The majority of the building and the facade respectively had never been renovated and were therefore in poor condition. The facade renovation in 2013 gave the building a new shell that complied with modern requirements regarding fire, heat, noise and sun protection. The most significant design element of the street facades is the metal frame that encompasses the top stories. On the one hand, this frame makes the functional separation (commercial - office) visible from the outside, and on the other hand, its large size creates an identity for the location and makes it unmistakable. The facade design in the upper stories makes use of overlaying vertical and horizontal structures. With these design elements, the old facade from the 1960s is not lost, rather reinterpreted. The renovation project was carried out while business continued. Both commercial business as well as office operations were maintained during the entire construction time. This was made possible through a consistent, stage-by-stage construction plan, but also through the considerate way that all project participants worked together.

Photografer: Wolfgang Thaler, Wien