KAPSCH KBC Headquarter Graz

Client: Strauss&Partner Immobilien AG, Wien
Location: Neuseiersberger Straße 195, A-8020 Graz
Start of planning: 01/2008
Start of construction: 07/2008
Completion: 05/2009
Total area Office: 1.748 m²
Total area Store: 539 m²
Built-in area: 10.300 m³
Cost: 3.574.000 Euro

Erection of an office building together with a warehouse sector for KAPSCH ideally located with regards to transport on a site in close proximity to the A1 southern motorway, linking it closely with regional and national traffic flow. The site is entered from the West via the existing access road to the property from the direction of Neuseiersberg Str. The access will in future be used by both the COCA COLA company who are currently located on the site, as well as KAPSCH.
The building consists of a public entrance area with a connected shopping and information sector. Attached to this are operations control, the control center for processing incoming supplies and warehouse services as well as sanitary facilities and technical rooms.
Starting from the entrance area a warehouse runs almost the entire length of the building in a south-easterly direction. Above this are 2 office floors, with the 1st floor containing a seminar room seating 99 persons. The entire structure will be prepared for the addition of another storey.

Design idea and natural space context
The building consists of three different building structures: Dominant is the long structure of the office block, lengthwise oriented, highlighted by window bands and facade bands on the upper floors. Located below on the ground floor are the transparent “head zone“, a clearly separated functional area inside the ground floor with access, information and waiting area, and the warehouse building that is "inserted" as accent beneath the office structure and highlights the zoning aspect through its position and material.
The trees lining the street will be retained and supplemented and will be seen as a continuation of the row of trees planted in the southerly direction.

The building structure is basically arranged into four building units:
1- The FOYER sector on the ground floor with its large-scale glass facade, functionally open and light-bathed (glassed-in portal), main entrance area with waiting and shopping zone.
2- The second building unit connected to the ground floor on the East, the WAREHOUSE with its “contrast” of colour and haptics and an opaque large-scale structurally divided facade; the entire ground floor area is constructed with a floor height of 4.10 m and 3 m respectively.
3- As third building unit to the north of the hall mainly rooms for technical use (TECHNICAL LINK) as well as waste disposal room will be “inserted”.
4- Above this the two OFFICE FLOORS with a reduced height of around 3.6.m are located. Continuous facades ventilated at the rear and with continuous window bands above the column grid.

Photographer: Markus Kaiser, Graz