Client: Eisenköck-Peyker-Garnituranstalt, Graz
Location: Grabenstraße 23, A-8010 Graz
Start of planning: 11/2002
Start of construction: 02/2003
Completion: 01/2004
Size of building site: 1.786 m²
Usable area Office: 987 m²
Usable area Shop: 1.155 m²
Total area: 3.442 m²
Cost: 3,5 Mio Euro

The distinctive profile of the four-storey building which accommodates offices and shops resulted from the scale of the property, the differing heights of the adjoining buildings, and the corner position of Grabenstraße/Langegasse. While the building presents itself toward the busy Landstrasse as dynamic, yet closed off, it opens itself to the quiet inner courtyard in the direction of Langegasse. The exhibition areas of Bene and Zumtobel which are arranged on the ground floor have all-over glazing without opaque supporting elements. This allows passers-by the best possible view inside. The floors above accommodate various offices, each with a terrace in front of it projecting over the side of the building. In the context of urban development the step-like arrangement of the terraces results in a smooth transition between the block-building density to the East and the open building style to the West of the property.
The building is designed as steel skeleton construction with a light-weight curtain facade and reacts as a fully closed facade to the noisy street (“Metal curtain” made of pure zinc) and with an open room-high aluminium post frame construction in the direction of the courtyard.
The installation of "Concrete core activation" makes the costly installation of a separate heating and cooling system unnecessary.
The glazing on the eastern side is shaded by means of external, movable metal frames with a fabric cover and which run in a multi-track rail system in front of the ribbon windows and are fitted with an automatic lock every 2 m. The glass facade on the western side is shaded by means of louvers that cover the entire height of the floor and are controlled by means of a daylight computer.
A 50 m² roof terrace provides a view across the roofs of Graz.
Parking is provided for 20 cars in the underground car park and for 10 cars in a covered outside parking lot.

Photos: Paul Ott, Graz