Client: Wilhelm Zultner & Co, Graz
Location: Schmiedlstraße 7, A-8042 Graz
Start of planning: 01/1999
Start of construction: 04/2000
Completion: 04/2001
Size of building site: 23.155 m²
Total area: 8.965 m²
Built-in area: 86.491 m³
Cost: 7,6 Mio Euro

The basic idea for the design was to develop a dynamically linked object which combines the functional units of sales, workshop and warehouse with the closely-linked office units into clearly-arranged and readable whole, to reduce the massiveness of the bulky warehouse sector in comparison with the assigned functions. The overall dimensions of the building amount to approximately 90 m in width, 110 m in length and 13.5 m in height.
The roof construction forms the central and connecting element, creating the link to the high-rack warehouse via forecourts and workshops and via two “spoilers”.
The office wing projects 16 m over the entry zone, and as a glass body clearly stands out from the other building components. As a design element for the interior the so-called “boxes” on this level define the freestanding archiving, copying and common zones. As cladding elements for the room installations, desks and wall structures, red biofibre sheets and cement-bound fibre boards were used so as to create readable units between the sales, display and office sector.
The office wing on the first floor contains a training room with a visual connection to the handling and order picking zone of the warehouse. The warehouse accommodates an automatic high-rack warehouse system to which the exhibition and sales area with checkout zone and small-parts warehouse is connected.
The mullion/transom facade of the office sector on the first floor has rigid sun protection made of aluminium louvers attached; the second floor was designed as profilite facade with a continuous window band and movable sun protection louvers.
The main facade of the hall consists of insulated metal cassettes and attached pure zinc panels.

Photos: Paul Ott, Graz