Client: Erich & Walter Polz, Spielfeld
Location: An der Mur 13, A-8472 Vogau
Start of planning: 01/2003
Start of construction: 07/2003
Completion: 03/2004
Size of building site: 14.885 m²
Usable area: 1.820 m²
Cost: 1,7 Mio Euro

The logistics centre of the Polz Brothers which is located at the gateway to the wine route in Vogau-Ehrenhausen in southern Styria was built to meet the latest demands for wine logistics and accommodates up to 750,000 bottles of wine on an area of 1,200 square meters. Additionally, the 300-square-meter sales area of the “Vinofaktur” offers the most innovative selling concept ever for high-quality regional products, and, apart from a multitude of quality wines, also offers exquisite culinary delights from Styria.
The builders wanted modern, up-to-date and economical architecture, which was implemented in a period of only nine months and is made up of two building units: The “silver” logistics hall and office block with its technical and ancillary rooms clad with charcoal grey eternit, as well as the transparent, glassed-in Vinofaktur. Glass elements between logistics and office or Vinothek allow the view into the Vinofaktur and the wine warehouse. The Vinofaktur is especially accentuated by the decorative concrete made from Stainz quarry stone and by the choice of interior construction materials which closely relate to the topic of wine, namely oak, slate and decorative concrete.
The advertising steles by Hubert Schmalix dominate the design of the outdoor space. Additionally, the customer car park and logistics handling areas are clearly separated.

Photos: Paul Ott, Graz