Client: IMF Tertia GmbH, A-8502 Lannach
Location: Industriestraße 1, A-8502 Lannach
Building stage 1: Production hall, Store, Office- and Laboratory Building
Start of construction: 02/2002
Completion: 06/2003
Size of building site: 13.287 m²
Net floor space: 12.252 m²
Built-in area: 40.574 m³
Cost: 14,5 Mio Euro

Building stage 2: Extension Office- and Laboratory building, Extension Manufactory hall, High-schelf store, Central building services
Start of construction: 02/2006
Completion: 03/2007
Size of building site: 13.287 m²
Net floor space: 11.500 m²
Built-in area: 80.000 m³
Cost: 10 Mio Euro
The building complex of IMF-Tertia GmbH is arranged as five interconnected building sections which are clearly structured in line with the production processes.
A three-storey office and laboratory building accommodates administration, amenities, training rooms and research departments. The production hall, which is fitted out with Pharma light-weight walls and is bathed in light, offers high spacious flexibility. It has a “technical brace" suspended over its centre and offers room for four production lines with clean-room work stations that lead over into the packing hall (dispatch).
The new clean-room class packaging centre with its 17 packaging lines is the largest of its kind in Austria. The packaged products are stored in the fourth building section, the high-rack warehouse, in 11,000 pallet spaces. Also the product picking operation for the dispatch is integrated in the new building structure of the high-rack warehouse. From there the goods flow smoothly to the goods dispatch section which has three docking ramps for lorries.

Photos: Paul Ott, Graz