Client: Fritz Holter GmbH, Zettling
Location: Nordweg 5, A-8141 Zettling
Start of planning: 2013
Start of construction: 06/2013
Completion: 05/2014
Size of building site: 15.119 m²
Total area: 7.289 m²

The Fritz Holter GmbH is a wholesale operation in the plumbing and heating sector, whose function is to plumbing and heating goods shop with the industry to store them temporarily and to customers when needed (HVAC installers) weiterzuverkaufen.Somit fall in operating mainly logistical activities on. The plan is to build a new exhibition and storage building in Zettling, Nordweg 5 with a service apartment, covered and uncovered storage space, 5 delivery stations and parking lots. The new building covers 1 underground and 2 overground levels with a mezzanine in some areas and partially overlying technology level to the roof. The vertical access is via elevators, outdoor area by stairs and ramp. The 1-storey exhibition area upstairs and the 2-storey pickup sales are achieved by the customer from the low-lying parking area via a ramp and a staircase on a common foyer on the ground floor. In pick-up sale will allow the HVAC installers to purchase goods deposited directly; the operator of the customer takes the form of a counter sale. The customer enters the exhibition floor at the entrance on the northwest side of the building and accessed via a staircase or elevator installation in the upper exhibition level. Here is the end customers in cooperation with the installer, a planning team for consultation and planning. In the seminar personnel training and training courses are organized for HVAC installers. The seminar room acts in the best seminar free time as an extended exhibition space. In the basement and on the roof technical and storage rooms are located.

Photos by: Markus Kaiser, Graz