Client: Elin EBG Motoren GmbH, Weiz
Location: Elin Motoren Straße 1, A-8160 Weiz
Start of planning: 08/2007
Start of construction: 03/2008
Completion: 01/2009
Size of building site: 49.955 m²
Total area Office: 5.440 m²
Total area Production: 15.927 m²
Built-in area: 193.671 m³
Cost: 22 Mio Euro

The position and shape of the property and the specified production logistics made it necessary to develop an L-shaped building structure. The 240-meter-long, four-bay production hall stretches over the entire length of the building site. The final section of the hall with its roofed access for railroad and trucks is located to the East. On the western side the site is bordered by the federal highway from which the site is accessed. On this road the “head” of the complex is located, the three-storey office building. The development is organized along an axis which was aligned lengthways through the office building. It is entered from the visitor’s car park through the main entrance which leads into the 5-meters-high foyer with reception and bar. Attached are canteen and conference rooms with direct access to a terrace at the water and a staircase. Through a side entrance the personnel gains access to the upper office floors or, by continuing along the axis, past the changing rooms to the production area.
The office floors are designed as landscaped office rooms with communication zones. The atrium (with planted trees) and spaces which stretch over the entire height of the building provide an open-type room structure. The shading is provided by the sails of the South and West facade on the street side.
The cross section of the hall is determined by the necessity that work in the production sector must be illuminated as much as possible by natural light. The northern hall has a high-rack warehouse and two additional office sectors inserted. A large part of the plant’s technical facility is formed by the test bay, which is connected via a line collector with the outdoor power house. The power house, a free-standing, windowless monolith, only contains the plant’s technical facilities and no work places.

Photos: Architektur Consult ZT GmbH