Client: Druck Carinthia GmbH & CoKG
Location: Blintendorf 27, A-9300 St. Veit/Glan
Start of planning: 03/2002
Start of construction: 05/2002
Completion: 04/2003
Size of building site: 14.463 m²
Usable area: 5.946 m²
Built-in area: 29.000 m³
Cost: 5 Mio Euro

A new innovative object was created in the St. Veiter industrial park for a future-oriented media concern. The object’s sculptured design is the distinguishing feature of the printing centre’s unusual character. The plant’s building structure is strongly influenced by the production process of the printing house both in its horizontal and vertical expansion. In addition, the configuration of the property influences the object’s external form (building contour). An essential principle of the design is the compact, dynamic form of the structure, which was developed starting with its internal function and then projecting its activities together with their constant flow outwards. The curved roof and the 20-metre-high rectangular tower allow the rapid work processes of the high-speed newspaper rotary printing press in the interior to be clearly conveyed to the outside. With the form of this structure Druck Carinthia GmbH & Co.KG communicates its very own corporate design. In spite of its complex architecture the object’s structure is so flexibly designed that it provides the option for future expansion (a second printing tower). The structure is organised in such a manner that customer-oriented sectors, such as the office sector, are housed in the entry zone. The core of the entire plant, the rotary printing press, is joined directly to the web paper warehouse, the dispatch and logistics. The L-shaped layout makes for short distances to operate the printing tower or the discharge of products. The printing house building was planned in the extremely short period of only two months and erected within a period of twelve months.

Fotonachweis: Paul Ott, Graz