Client: Reha Tirol Errichtungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Location: Gröben 700, A-6232 Münster
Start of construction: 12/2009
Completion: 06/2011
Total area: 15.542 m²
Built-in area: 56.144 m³
Cost excl. VAT.: 26.000.000 Euro

The rehabilitation centre is located just outside the village centre of Münster and stretches across extensive, park-like grounds.
The complex is divided into various sections according to functions. The dominant main building corpus, which is broken once in its length, houses the functional diagnostics and the administrative, training and treatment rooms on the 1st floor. The wards are located on the 1st floor and the general patient rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The building corpus runs from north to south parallel to the Inn Valley.
The part of the building which is at a right angle to the main building corpus, with its main entrance facing the village, leads into the foyer (the entrance area), which incorporates the information and communication areas, an enclosed chapel and a cafe. This is adjoined by the catering area and the entire supply and disposal facilities. The treatment rooms of the wards are located on the 1st floor.
The section adjoining on the east includes the functions for the wet treatments with an integrated swimming pool; on the floor above, there are comfortable rooms for patients accompanied by another person. This area on the 1st floor can be converted into a third ward and extended with two patient areas located on the 2nd + 3rd floor. At this interface, there is also the entrance for the medical services bringing patients on beds. Great importance has been attached to the natural lighting and ventilation of the dayrooms, just as maximum attention has been paid to the daylight and the view outdoors, the exterior rooms with their different qualities, and the clear arrangement of the individual areas.
The atmosphere of a well-kept hotel also continues outside with park-like facilities.
The main access for the medical services and fire brigade, as well as for patients, staff and taxis is via the Gröben access road to the north east. The access for visitors and deliveries as well as additional fire brigade access is via the access road in the west.
The parking spaces have been integrated into the landscape with the planting of a large number of indigenous trees.