Client: Steiermärkische Krankenanstalten GmbH, Graz
Location: Tragösser Sraße 1, A-8600 Bruck/Mur
Competition: 02/1997, 1st Prize
Start of planning: 01/1988
Start of construction: 12/1990
Completion: 12/1993
Built-up area: 12.000 m²
Usable area: 16.000 m²
Built-in area: 127.000 m³
Cost: 77,76 Mio Euro

The provincial hospital is situated outside the town centre of Bruck an der Mur, on a slight elevation. The architects designed the building to fit in with the spacious layout of the topography and created a small “island in green space“. The complex is subdivided into two functional sections. The area of diagnostics and care can accommodate 335 patients for stationary treatment. The segregation of sections for men and women was eliminated. The second building element houses the treatment and therapy section. This includes operating theatres, emergency entrance, outpatients and the dialysis section. The capacity of these departments is enough for another 200 patients. The softly curved care section faces south and offers a healing view onto nature. Window strips, reminiscent of classic modernism, which are subdivided by blue colour fields, ensure sufficient light and sunlight for the patients’ rooms. The large windows and walls clad with pearwood convey a pleasantly warm atmosphere. The connecting gangways with wooden cladding, atmospheric lighting, glass balustrades and contemporary art as well as the patients’ restaurant on the ground floor contribute to the architects’ intention to design a “hotel-hospital“.
The section that faces north is slightly less comfortable and doubtless conceived mainly for functionality. Three access and delivery corridors were built in front of this section. The work carried out here is reflected in the design of the facade, finely ground concrete slabs.
However the landscape does remain present in the interior of this area too. The two areas are connected by a central hall. The architects had an image of a “small town“ in mind. If we transfer this metaphor to the hall, we could say that this is the town centre. Here we have a market square, café, bank and a chapel. Information and communication are allocated ample space here. The hallways become free spaces, providing “art in building“ with an apt setting and making this “island of healing“ extremely special.

Photos: Helmut Tezak, Graz