Client: Humanomed Dkfm. H. Eder Beteiligungen GmbH, Klagenfurt
Location: Moorweg 30, A-9330 Althofen
Start of planning: 2016
Start of construction: 06/2016
Completion: 10/2016
Gross floor space: 600 m²
Costs: 5 Mio Euro

After the demolition of the existing farm building and the existing retaining wall, a new technical center will (with ventilation system, refrigeration system, beverage storage, chemical storage and garbage room) built enclosed office and workshop area at the site Moorweg. The new technical center is a rectangular, one-storey building, which is built into the existing building, so it is not visible from street level (= 1st floor main house), but rather only from the ground floor of the main house. The existing shed roof between the main building and retaining wall will be reduced and increased by about 70 cm. The existing road will not be changed in your profile. The longitudinal parking be changed to cross parking spaces, thereby increasing the number of parking spaces increased by ca. 11.
Fotonachweis: Architektur Consult