Client: Marktgemeinde Lannach Orts- und InfrastrukturentwicklungsKEG, Lannach
Location: Hauptstraße 6 , A-8502 Lannach
Competition: 01/2003
Start of planning: 02/2003
Start of construction: 09/2003
Completion: 10/2004
Built-up area: 1.533 m²
Usable area: 2.350 m²
Built-in area: 15.650 m³
Cost: 5,4 Mio Euro

A new and prestigious cultural and events venue – the so-called “Steinhalle” – is a distinctive feature of the appearance of the Lannach community. Also included are a restaurant and business premises. The urban forecourt, the square, serves as connecting link between the church and the venue. Access is primarily gained via the square and leads to a multi-storey gallery and foyer section. The building, which literally rises out from the square, forms an edifice with the claim to being a landmark. The building’s distinctive profile resulted from the shape of the property and the sloping terrain. Through lifting and folding of the levels and the transition to a slanted facade, a landscape-type topographical form was attained. The dynamic, oblique-angled form with projecting roofs and a slanted facade consists to a large extent of pre-fabricated components with a rubble-stone surface made from Stainz gneiss and glass facades.
Below the towering roof there is a compact yet open spatial structure and a distribution zone that covers several floors and is open, bathed in light and free of barriers.
The first-class acoustics are enhanced by extremely high sound insulation. The modern stage sets and numerous room-high, mobile dividing walls guarantee the utmost in variability, even with regard to altering requirements.
A further design element is the rainwater retention pond with marsh and water plants located at the northern side of the building. Poplars are arranged in several rows and shield the one-family houses below the palace and allow the palace environment to retain its visual tranquillity. erreicht werden.

Photos: Paul Ott, Graz