Architektur Consult ZT GmbH - Architekten Domenig&Wallner ZT GmbH
Client: Vereinigte Bühnen, Wien
Location: Himmelpfortgasse 25, A-1010 Wien
Competition: 05/2005, 1st Prize
Start of planning: 06/2005
Start of construction: 10/2006
Completion: 06/2008
Usable area: 10.928 m²
Built-in area: 77.300 m³
Cost: 25 Mio Euro

The Ronacher establishment, which is under a preservation order, is to be functionally redeveloped into a modern music theatre, a stage theatre and an event facility and extended by stage and rehearsal room functions. The extensions are to be made within the shell of the burned-out Stadttheater (city theatre). Essential tasks associated with the design are the undermining of the stage house, measures to be taken in the roof sector, organisation of functional sectors and the improvement of fire escape routes. The architectural approach is to find a form that is internally closed and reduced toward the outside as well as subdued.The dimensionally massive, raised block-like building structure will be made to appear light over the stage and auditorium by means of transparency, translucence and background lighting.
The characteristics of the core, consisting of auditorium and stage with connected operative rooms that are strung along the access passageway, will be continued upwards and downwards in the storeys by means of access rings. This system is reflected in the roof landscape and divides the slanted roof areas, their simplicity retained, by means of grading. The main roof support structure forms the upper body of the roof.
The functional groups and their spatial continuity determine the external appearance. From the closed, artificially lit and lowered stage and spectator sector with its supply of high-quality technical media and acoustics, to the operative rooms that are laterally arranged and naturally lit, on to the opening of the facade surfaces in the rehearsal and canteen sector.
The task of the architect is the basic improvement of the existing situation while at the same time maintaining the value of the object, and to lend the new building components an architectural presence that is balanced, generously proportioned and independent in form and material.

Photos: Architektur Consult ZT GmbH