Ground-breaking ceremony BKS Wohnpark
On 17.5.2018 the ground-breaking ceremony for 50 rental apartments for the Bank for Kärnten and Steiermark took place in the backyard of your headquarters in Klagenfurt. 23 apartments will be equipped for supervised living, which creates ideal conditions for seniors who live near the city center, shopping and cultural offer in the immediate vicinity. People in need of care can book medical and nursing care services through the relief organization.

Living area: approx. 2,700 m2 spread over 4 houses (2-4 storeys)
Garage: 226 parking spaces
Completion date: end of 2019


ProjektmitarbeiterIn für Architekturprojekte, Vollzeit
Firma: Architekur Consult ZT GmbH, 8010 Graz, Grabenstraße 23
Ansprechpartner: Arch. DI Martin Priehse; Tel. 0316 82 54 40

Ihre Aufgabe:
• Mitarbeit bei Architekturprojekten im In- und Ausland (alle Leistungsphasen)

Ihr Profil:
• Selbstständiges und eigenverantwortliches Arbeiten
• Teamfähigkeit
• Abgeschlossenes Studium an der TU bzw. Fachhochschule
• Fundierte Kenntnisse erforderlich in: ArchiCAD, MS Office, MS Project

Die Entlohnung erfolgt auf Basis des KV für ZT, Einstufung je nach Ausbildung, Berufserfahrung und Referenzen.

Bitte senden Sie ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen (Lebenslauf, Portfolio) an


ProjektleiterIn für Architekturprojekte, Vollzeit
Firma: Architekur Consult ZT GmbH, 8010 Graz, Grabenstraße 23
Ansprechpartner: Arch. DI Martin Priehse; Tel. 0316 82 54 40

Ihre Aufgabe:
• Projektleitung und Planung von Architekturprojekten im In- und Ausland

Ihr Profil:
• Selbstständiges und eigenverantwortliches Arbeiten als Projektleiter und Teamleiter
• Hohe kommunikative Kompetenz
• Teamfähigkeit
• Abgeschlossenes Studium an der TU bzw. Fachhochschule
• Nach Ausbildung mind. 5 Jahre Berufserfahrung
• Fundierte Kenntnisse erforderlich in: ArchiCAD, MS Office, MS Project

Die Entlohnung erfolgt auf Basis des KV für ZT, Einstufung je nach Ausbildung, Berufserfahrung und Referenzen.

Bitte senden Sie ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen (Lebenslauf, Portfolio) an


Start of construction of the new savings market in Gurk
The new building was started in mid-April 2018 and is scheduled to open on 25th July 2018. It is being built on the western entrance to the town, directly on the Gurktal Straße (B93) and offers its customers 600 square meters of retail space as well as 68 parking spaces. Adjacent to the building, a car wash will be built.


Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Volkshochschule Graz
22 March 2018
By the summer of 2019, the 15 million project is expected to be completed. In the Köflacher Gasse, between the dormitory and the Hotel A & O, 2000 m2 of events per year will be offered for up to 30,000 listeners. The premises should include, for example, a gymnasium, a school and show kitchen, a baby sitting room with outdoor area, several multifunctional rooms, music rehearsal rooms, a sound and film studio as well as work and EDP rooms. Two of the eight barrier-free floors are laid underground.


City centre Reininghaus Q2
In a multi-part, cooperative workshop process with the city of Graz and an external specialist committee, together with our partner offices, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects and COOP Himmelb(l)au, an urban development design was developed for the city centre in Reininghaus (Q2) and presented at the end of May. The development plan will now be created on the basis of this design. Realisation of the approx. 47,000m² of gross floor space will be undertaken by GA Immobilienbesitz GmbH.


Ground breaking ceremony MELECS Siegendorf
On the 16th of November, the official ceremony for the conversion and extension of the MELECS electronics plant took place in the presence of the mayor of the municipality of Siegendorf and the owners EWS in Siegendorf.

The necessary office extension of approx. 1000m² gross floor area with approx. 80 new workstations in the upper floor are mainly implemented with precast concrete elements, so that an opening can already take place in summer 2017.


Peter Zinganel Architekt Dipl.Ing. †
Fassungslos und tief erschüttert nehmen wir Abschied von unserem Freund und Geschäftspartner.

Am Montag, den 24. Oktober ist Peter völlig überraschend im Alter von 57 Jahren von uns gegangen.

Peter Zinganel, ein vielfach ausgezeichneter Architekt, war langjähriger Leiter des Architekturreferats und Vorstandsvorsitzender des Forum Stadtpark Graz, sowie langjähriger Vorstand und Ausstellungskurator im Grazer Haus der Architektur.

Peter Zinganel studierte an der TU Graz, arbeitete seit 1983 mit der Bürogemeinschaft Domenig - Eisenköck und in weiterer Folge mit der Architektur Consult ZT GmbH zusammen, die er seit 2008 als Partner verstärkte. Peter genoss höchste Anerkennung und Wertschätzung bei Bauherren und Kollegen.

Sein unermüdliches Engagement und die Liebe zur Architektur, sein ständiges Streben nach Verbesserung der bebauten Umwelt, sowie seine offene, besonnene und stets auf das Sachliche bezogene Diskussionskultur, werden uns sehr fehlen.

Wir verabschieden uns von unserem lieben Freund am Montag, den 7. November 2016 um 15 Uhr im Federergarten - Volkskundemuseum, Paulustorgasse 11-13, 8010 Graz.

Unser tiefstes Mitgefühl gilt in diesen schweren Stunden seiner Frau Karin und seinen drei Kindern.

In Freundschaft und Dankbarkeit

Arch. DI Hermann Eisenköck - Arch.DI Herfried Peyker - Arch. DDI Christian Halm

Architektur Consult ZT GmbH

Graz . Wien . Klagenfurt





Opening Interspar hypermarket in Vienna Floridsdorf
5th December 2016
The old Interspar market in Floridsdorf was closed in February, 2015. Thereafter, the 75,000 m3 large building has been canceled from the 70s up to the foundation plate, and replaced by a new building. The new building provides a Interspar market with 3.500m2 selling space on 2 storeys, and an Interspar restaurant Takeaway, also on two storeys, and a multi-storey car in the 2nd and 3rd floor. After only 15 months of construction, the building will be inaugurated on 05.09.2016.

The building has two main facades and connects two central places together: the "Am Spitz" with the official home for the 21th district and the station square "Franz Jonas Platz". The two main facades are made of curtain, 10m high twisted blades. These slats facades, the building maintains the cityscape, and sets on both courses, a welcome sign of renewal.





"Opening Convention Center"
December 4, 2015
Almost exactly to the day six months after the official start of construction on 1 June 2015, the new ultra-modern conference center at Travel Charme Bergresort Werfenweng to the operation.
After the opening speeches by Mr Mayor Brandauer, architect DI Hermann Eisenköck, Mr Thomas Haas - Managing Director of Travel Charme Werfenweng Gmbh, the house keys to Mr Hans-Christian Witzmann was - director of the Mountain Resort Travel Charme Werfenweng, passed.


Competition "Houses on the Köpenickerstraße in Berlin", 1st Prize
September 2015
The jury awarded in mid-September 2015 two different first Price, one of them to LOVE architecture urbanism ZT GmbH and Archtitektur Consult ZT GmbH, Graz, Austria.
Exhibition opening
The exhibition opening takes place in the Stadtteilladen "dialog 101" Köpenickerstraße 101, 10179 Berlin on 07/12/2015 at 18 clock. The contest works are from 8:12. until 12/17/2015, to visit 13 to 19 clock.




Citypark Graz
October 2015
The Mallrefreshment of the Citypark Graz was finished.
New Flooring, Lighting, a new customer information, customer toilet facility, seating areas with green islands ended with the beginning of October 2015th, and the newly designed Panorama Square ensure a "new shopping in Graz "and gives the oldest shopping center in Graz now have a new and contemporary spirit. Outside was a new, partially covered pedestrian street, allowing an easy entry and exit in the bus and offers customers an adequate entrance to the Citypark. In addition a customer parking was built with 114 parking spaces in the area of INTERSPAR market. For customers, the transition between the shopping center and the parking garage was completely changed and improved by means of a new generous, glazed connecting bridge and an elevator, so that the desired feel-good atmosphere already starts with the parking garage.

Next year is still standing at the opening of the new terrace on the panoramic floor, a partial new exterior appearance and part construction of the parking deck, so our office certainly on the exciting and challenging task still a good year - reconstruction in operation - is busy and we are of course our contribute part to reach the ambitious goals



Opening Shopping Center Fischapark, Wiener Neustadt
October 2015

The project "Reconstruction and expansion Fischapark" has been completed and was inaugurated on 10.15.2015.

"Width, two-storey malls combine space-like extensions, which are covered by significant, mountain-like-looking glass cubes ("Cones"). From these places are the respective sales floors are connected to the parking levels above escalators, lifts and stairs. The champagne gold luminous facade provides a distinctive exterior appearance ".

From the outside, the covered new main entrance to the two-story building on Zehnergürtel and significant entry and exit ramp are visible from afar. The exterior of the building combines old stock and new and gives the FISCHAPARK a facelift.

Gold colored corrugated iron and the front-mounted expanded metal leave the building on the day of silvery shining and glowing golden in the night as a monolithic body.





Opening Eurospar Fischamend
September 2015
After only 6 months of construction, the opening of the new Eurospar Fischamend took place on 09/09/2015. With the construction of the existing since 1998 saving-location should be adapted to the future needs of the population growth marked by township Fischamend. Due to the high degree of prefabrication and a ambitiously planned engagement of the various stages of construction, the period between the last selling the old branch and the reopening in about 4 weeks, could be reduced. The new building with 1.385m² of retail space has a heat recovery from commercial refrigeration plant and a thermal component activation, by means of which the building mass is used for temperature regulation.





New Wiesloch Community School
May 2015, Recognition
Blending the outside with the inside into a large transparent learning landscape is central to the theme of the design. A diversified interplay of courtyards, spaces, semitransparent and opaque rooms has been created around a central common playground. All of the classrooms used by both schools are found in this zone. Also, there are areas for passing the time or working and learning between classes.
The areas that are clearly associated with a school, like the clusters, are taken out the learning landscape and moved to the upper floors in order to provide the students with a retreat. A circular route on which the foyer, cafeteria and library border, connects the two schools to each other.
"...the charming ground floor with its semitransparent classrooms forms diverse corners and spaces... the single-storey administration area on the first floor is clearly structured and has very attractive links to the large outdoor areas on the flat roof of the ground floor. Also, the two-storey cluster structure is convincing with a clear inside structure... the significantly enlarged traffic area provides multiple possibilities for use throughout the entire day with the additional availability of the small spaces and niches. Altogether, the design constitutes a very interesting contribution to the assigned task."

Excerpt from the selection committee record




The following book will be released on 12 June 2015 by the publisher Birkhäuser: Styria Media Center Graz
Author: Dipl. Ing. Judith Eiblmayr
Contributions by Mag. Markus Mair, Walter Titz and architect Rüdiger Lainer
The spectacular Styria Media Center Graz high-rise by ArchitekturConsult with Hermann Eisenköck and Herfried Peyker in charge, will be officially opened on 11 June.
"The heart of this sculptured building is the newsroom for print and online media that covers 3200 m2 in the base structure. The curved office tower rises up above it as a new "landmark" for Graz. This book shows the design and construction processes of the exceptional building, and the completed high-rise is presented."
The author, Dipl. Ing. Judith Eiblmayer, is an architect and architecture critic in Vienna.




April 2015
Wir teilen Ihnen hiermit mit, dass Herr Arch. DI Thomas Schwed auf eigenen Wunsch als Gesellschafter aus der Architektur Consult ausscheidet.
Herr Arch. DI Schwed will sich als selbstständiger Architekt eher in Richtung Projektsteuerung und Projektmanagement orientieren.
Wir wünschen ihm für seine neuen Aufgaben alles Gute und dementsprechenden Erfolg.



WB new-build GTNMS Stammersdorf
January 2015, 3rd place
At first glance, the draft for the competition site shows itself to be a large-scale structure in the form of a square, 4-storey building.
But surprises with a ground-floor configuration in the form of an open, pavilion-like building distribution (campus), integrating and preserving the existing trees as much as possible.
This thus creates a specific permeability, as well as simply allocation and division of the flow of people to promote identification with the school part for pupils as well as visitors/external users.






Houses behold PLUS: STYRIA MEDIA CENTER GRAZ, Architektur Consult ZT GmbH
31.01.2015 | 10:00 - 14:00 clock
Venue: Gadollaplatz 1, 8010 Graz, Conrad-of-Hötzendorfstaße compared to Stadthalle Graz (city hall)

The office architecture Consult ZT GmbH invites in cooperation with STO and the House of Architecture cordially invited to the event venues behold PLUS. We would like to introduce the very exclusive just completed STYRIA MEDIA CENTER GRAZ.

The building is 10 to 14 clock to visit.
It is a free tour of the architects instead is required for registration at

On a leisurely exchange with your site we are very pleased.
For your dining pleasure is guaranteed!






Official handover Styria Media Center, Graz
December 2014
After just 21 months of construction, found in the new Styria Media Center the official keys by the general contractor to the client instead. In the presence of the management and supervisory boards of Styria Media Group AG and all project participants, the symbolic key was handed over to the future users in the sky lobby. The colonization of the premises is carried out in the coming months and to be completed by April 2015.





Opening Eurospar Oberpullendorf
The Eurospar Oberpullendorf was opened with a special ceremony on 3.12.2014. The ambitious schedule was implemented on time with a construction phase of just 3 months.
The conversion of the former Magnet market incorporated partial demolition, a new glass façade, porch and a new delivery station, as well as the complete interior design. The Eurospar was set up with a sales area of around 1,600 m² and an ancillary zone of around 500 m².






Styria Styrian honors exceptional
November 2014
The provincial government Franz Voves and Hermann Schützenhöfer handed over on 19.11.2014 the Great Honor of Styria to Mr. architect Dipl. Ing. Herfried Peyker.




New Building of the Main Fire Station in Leopoldstadt, Wien
September 2014, Notional pize
The design was based on the idea and creation of a new type of fire brigade – an area of the highest quality where it is possible to work and stay for 24 hours a day. The contribution to the competition site was a large-scale structure in the form of a 100m long and 25m wide structural shell (formation of a new city edge), a building as a vertical campus crossed by a spacious "free space/outdoor sculpture" on different levels with different degrees of openness.



Opening Holter in Zettling, Unterpremstätten
Official opening of the new show- and sales office in Zettling, Unterpremstätten takes place on May 8, 2014.
After a year of construction was built to approximately 6.800 m² net area a new showroom, stores and selling space for sanitary wholesalers. The planning and construction was carried out within the agreed time frame and budget.



Partial opening Fischapark Wiener Neustadt
To complete the first phase of construction in April 2014, the main features of the new Fischaparks already clearly visible. On the one hand there is the newly designed shop portals in Inventory Small and in the transition area for the new building. Spacious five-meter-high glass portals replace the getting on in years, shop fronts. On the other hand, in the two-story building to the outside of the covered main entrance and the significant access and exit ramp, and inside the first of the two shape and space imaging glass roofs (Cones) the defining characteristics.



Opening residential housing Trillerpark, Vienna
After winning competition and 17 months of construction, the condominium Trillerpark South with a gross floor area of ​​19,400 m² was to the client passed.
During this period, 123 apartments, including adjacent rooms, generous green space and a 18.5 m high noise barrier built of glass.




Opening Interspar IM73-Jörgerstraße, Vienna
After a year of construction, the reopening of the completely revitalized Interspar in Vienna, Hernals was held on 04.10.2014.
The renovation of the shopping center with Interspar, restaurant, mall and 6 smaller shops as well as the 2-storey basement car park in of equipment is performed.
In May still follows the redesign of the extended forecourt with large-format paving, outdoor furniture and bicycle parking.



Topping-out ceremony Styria Media Center, Graz
After a year of construction, the topping-out ceremony in the future newsroom of the Styria Media Center took place on 20/03/2014.
Structural work was completed in time served. The facade is already closed in much of the interior and the expansion of species are in progress.



On 24/03/2014 the jury of the MA19 architecture and urban design Vienna, the project has Amthaus Niederhofstraße 1120 Vienna, "Built in 2013" from a large number of applicants for the issue of award-winning projects of the City of Vienna selected. In the sense of "innovative, stimulating, exemplified" the project will be awarded as a best practice example in the field of sustainable refurbishment, the Viennese architectural events of the past year.
The project will be shared with the other winning projects from 05.11.2014 to 05.2015 be exhibited in the premises of the MA19. The opening of the exhibition and the presentation of the Architecture Prize of the MA19 "Schorsch" will take place on 11 June 2014 at 17:00 clock in the MA19.



After a construction period of only eight months, the renovation of the administration building Niederhofstraße now complete. During this period, approximately 5000 m2 facade area and 2000 m2 roof surface during operation of the office building were renovated. On 05 and 06 December 2013 the acquisition of the services by the client took place.



On 18 November 2013 the Hypermarket Interspar Deutschlandsberg was inaugurated.



Eurospar Ottenschlag
On 23.10.2013 the Eurospar Ottenschlag was opened.
As a general planner Architektur Consult put special emphasis on the regional aspect of the building. This is reflected, among others, the chosen materials resist. The striking entrance to the municipalitiy Ottenschlag now opens an architectural and receives an additional attraction. After a construction period of only six months of the inauguration in the presence of Gov. saving Alois Huber took place on 23 October.



Archi Ball 2013
Architektur Consult the architecture team wins despite strong competition for the first time on September 21, 2013 Archiball in sovereign fashion. With the performance of the entire team the team consists of nine successive victories against 15 competitors through.
According to the long-standing tradition as the Architektur Consult current winner, organize the next Archiball in September 2014.





Lake resort Wolfgang/Strobl
On 19.9.2013 was keen interest among the population and the neighboring municipalities of the project presentation of the planned five-star Seeresorts Weikinger by the Mayor, Mr. Haas (CEO Travel Charme), Mr. Bauß (CEO of construction company) held and Mr. Architect Hermann Eisenköck.
Once the planning process is complete, you can start with the planning permission.
Planned start of construction: Autumn 2014





exhibition and storage building Holter
Start of construction exhibition and storage building Holter in Zettling
Size of building site: 1.089m²
Usable area: 6,300 m² of which approximately 2,500 sqm showroom and office space
Start of construction: June 2013
Completion: Mid May 2014
Costs excl. approximately 6.8 million euros




peer review "Wohnhochhäuser IVANA FRANKO", Moscow
March 2013, Level 1, 1 Price
A common basement floor as a link of the two towers, the ground floor is used as a visually unifying element with only one main entrance. There are the public functions such as the lobby, shop and restaurant. By displacement of building mass from the lower floors to upper floors is more exclusive living space, generated in those planes which are most attractive for residents.
Assessment by the jury: Jury had the impression that the author very deep has set the theme apart and has submitted an elaborate and expandable design.




Sensing - Mapping - Fabricating
Of 3 to 7 July 2013, a workshop will be held in Domenig stone house.
Registration deadline is June 28, 2013
More information, see



First book presentation by Buchhandlung Walther König (bookstore),MQ Museumsquartier Vienna
on Tuesday June 4 at 5 p.m. - ISBN 978-3-7667.2950-4



Construction in Jörgerstrasse, Vienna, started in May 2013.




Opening of Linz Opera House & Music Theatre!
A partnership between Terry Pawson & ArchitekturConsult/Archinauten

The ceremonial opening of the Music Theatre for invited guests will be held on 11 April.
Sunday is the open day for all interested parties.
The joint bilingual publication on the building will be published by
Callwey ISBN 978-3-7667-2050-4 – Texts on the project genesis and interviews.



The renovation of the façade in Niederhofstrasse has been under way since April 2013.
The work on the façade will be completed by ArchitekturConsult as the general contractor by October.




Construction began in Ottenschlag - Waldviertel in March 2013.
A new EuroSpar is being built and ArchitekturConsult are the general contractor - estimated period of construction is seven months.




Start of construction STYRIA MEDIA CENTER GRAZ




Ground-breaking ceremony STYRIA MEDIA CENTER GRAZ



Ground-breaking ceremony INTERSPAR Hypermarkt und Restaurant Deutschlandsberg




Travel Charme Bergresort Werfenweng


New housing construction Trillerpark, Vienna
On October 4, 2012, the new housing construction Trillerpark was started.




The Interspar Niederhofstraße Gastein will be opened on October 29, 2012.






The Klinikum Bad Gastein was opened on September 21, 2012.





Total reconstruction of Möbelhaus Leiner Graz: construction is under way
The interior and exterior of the existing two buildings of Möbelhaus Leiner are to be merged into a single unit. The design of the facade by ArcitekturConsult provides for a common skin that is to be pulled over both buildings. This creates a large-scale uniform structure that will shape the character of Annenstraße. The reconstruction of the building itself will be managed by architect Andreas Lüdtke.




Architectural tour of the building shell of Music Theatre Linz
On June 15, Architektur Consult extended the invitation to tour the building shell of the Linz Music Theatre. We had the pleasure of welcoming London-based design architect Terry Pawson as our guest.The event with around 100 guests concluded with some gastronomic delights in the future restaurant sector.

The photo features: Architect Markus Klausecker (AC), Architect Terry Pawson






The St. Marx Hotel Doppio & Doppio Offices were opened on June 13, 2012.
Operator Austria Trend played host to guests with food and drink.

The photo features: Architekt Johannes Weigl, Architekt Hermann Eisenköck, Architekt Thomas Schwed




2nd Prize for the competition "Neubau Medienzentrum der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Wien"



Loisium Wine&Spa Resorts 2 | Südsteiermark opened on June 2012



Architektur Consult - Gurkgasse 50, Vienna presented "Opera Linz - Musiktheater at work".
On June 2, 14 p.m. childrens are invited. 
Childrens makes theatre! 



Notional Prize for the competition "Innere Medizin LSF Graz, Modul 1"



Wine&Spa Resorts, South Styria
Loisium "reloaded" in Architektur & Bauforum



Opening of the REHA CENTER MÜNSTER Tirol
The Reha Center Münster was opened
on June 27, 2011.




Ground-breaking ceremony BERGRESORT WERFENWENG
April 28, 2011





26.11.2010, 12.00 Uhr






"Symbolic" ground-breaking ceremony R-SKA BAD GASTEIN
October 27, 2010
Although construction will affect almost all of the present buildings,
a "symbolic" ground-breaking ceremony will mark the start of
renovation work.

Opening TRILLERPARK Shopping Center Vienna 
Wednesday, November 3, 2010
The “Trillerpark Shopping Center“ will be re-opened on November 3,
2010, following a one-year reconstruction project, and handed over
to the client, “ARWAG Bauträger GmbH”.The reconstruction involved
approximately 17,000 m², of which around 4,600
m² have been
allotted to the redesigned Interspar Hypermarkt.
An additional highlight is the facade, which was designed by artist
Esther Stocker.

Groundbreaking ceremony for the completion of the entire T-CENTER ST. MARX Complex
Thursday, September 30, 2010

The groundbreaking ceremony marked the cornerstone for the new Austria Trend
Hotel and Doppio Offices St. Marx or the completion of the last construction phase
of the entire T-Center St. Marx complex.
The hotel of the Austria Trend Doppio Group has 155 four-star rooms, a restaurant
and meeting and fitness rooms. The Doppio Offices provide roughly 560 jobs,
meeting and storage rooms and underground parking spots.




Opening of the Interspar hyper market Weiz
The Weiz Interspar hypermarket was opened
on August 18, 2010.




ÖGNI Membership
ÖGNI, the Austrian Association for Sustainable Real Estate Management, awards graduate engineer (DI) Martin Priehse, employee of ArchitekturConsult ZT GmbH, the certificate for admission as an ÖGNI or DGNB (GeSBC – German Sustainable Building Council) auditor following an appropriate training course. This means that he has the professional expertise and the authorization to audit projects and submit them to the ÖGNI for certification. In this way ArchitekturConsult ZT GmbH reinforces its commitment in the area of sustainable construction and also offers the services of the certification of buildings according to the criteria of the ÖGNI or DGNB effective immediately.


Architektur Consult ZT GmbH is a member of the "Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft" (ÖGNI) (Austrian Association for Sustainable Real Estate Management).






Grimming therme and Clubhotel Aldiana
Opening of Grimming therme and Clubhotel Aldiana
Salzkammergut and "Open House" from 3 pm to 8 pm.



Interspar hyper market Hollabrunn
Opening of the Hollabrunn INTERSPAR hyper market
The Hollabrunn Interspar hypermarket was opened
on September 3, 2009, in the presence of the chair-
man of the bord of SPAR, Dr. Gerhard Drexel.




Nursing-home Sittersdorf
for the architect’s competition "Pflegeheim Sittersdorf"
(Nursing-home Sittersdorf)

Gasteinerhof, Bad Gastein
Second prize
for expert’s survey
“Gasteinerhof, Bad Gastein”


New housing construction Trillerpark
First price for the expert/interior process "Wohnungsneubau
Trillerpark" (New housing construction, Trillerpark), Vienna.



Shopping Centre Fischapark, Wr. Neustadt
Second prize for the competition
“Shopping Centre Fischapark”