Hermann Eisenköck
Architekt DI 
(Salzburg, 1954)

Hermann Eisenköck studied architecture at Graz Technical University. From 1981 he was office manager at Günther Domenig’s office. Five years later he became managing partner at the architects’ working community Domenig-Eisenköck; but he remained formally independent with regard to style. Eisenköck has been awarded numerous prizes. He is a founding member and board member of Design-Stiftung Österreich, as well as member of the advisory board of Stiftung Österreichischer Skulpturenpark, president of Freunde des Gironcoli Meseums in Herberstein, member of the supervisory board of Steirischen Herbst, and board member of Österreichische Architekturtage. Since 1998, together with Herfried Peyker, he has been managing partner of Architektur Consult ZT GmbH.