Architektur Consult ZT GmbH was founded in 1998 by Günther Domenig, Hermann Eisenköck and Herfried Peyker. In 2006 Günther Domeng retired from Architektur Consult ZT GmbH. 

In February 2008 Architektur Consult ZT GmbH received reinforcement when long-time and leading staff members, architects Christian Halm, Thomas Schwed and Peter Zinganel, became partners.

In April 2015, architect Thomas Schwed will be leaving Architektur Consult ZT GmbH at his own request.

At the moment there are 80 employees at the three locations in Graz, Vienna and Linz.

Location Graz:
Körblergasse: Usable area 700 m2, workers 26
Grabenstraße: Usable area 600 m2, workers 28
Muchargasse: Usable area 300 m2, workers 10

Location Vienna:
Gurkgasse: Usable area 420 m2, workers 26

Location Klagenfurt:
St. Veiter Ring:  Usable area 150 m2, workers 4